touch [tuch]
[ME touchen < OFr tochier (Fr toucher) < VL * toccare < * tok, light blow, of echoic orig.]
1. to put the hand, the finger, or some other part of the body on, so as to feel; perceive by the sense of feeling
2. to bring into contact with something else [to touch a match to kindling, to touch the ceiling with a stick]
3. Historical to lay the hand on (a person with scrofula), as some kings once did, supposedly to effect a cure
4. to be or come into contact with
5. to border on; adjoin
6. to strike lightly
7. to be effective on contact; have a physical effect on: usually used in the negative [water won't touch these grease spots]
8. to injure slightly [frost touched the plants]
9. to give a light tint, aspect, etc. to: used chiefly in the past participle [clouds touched with pink]
10. to lay hands on; handle; use
11. to handle roughly or molest
12. to taste or partake of: usually used in the negative [didn't touch his supper]
13. to come up to; reach; attain
14. to compare with; equal; rival: usually used in the negative [cooking that can't touch hers]
15. to take or make use of without permission or wrongly; misappropriate
16. to deal with or refer to, esp. in a light or passing way; mention
17. to have to do with; affect; concern [a subject that touches our welfare]
18. to arouse an emotion in, esp. one of sympathy, gratitude, etc.
19. to hurt the feelings of; pain [touched him to the quick]
20. Slang to ask for, or get by asking, a loan or gift of money from
21. Archaic
a) to strike the keys of, pluck the strings of, etc. (a musical instrument)
b) to play (a few notes, an air, etc.)
22. Geom. to be tangent to
1. to touch a person or thing
2. to be or come in contact
3. to come near to something; verge (on or upon)
4. to pertain; bear (on or upon)
5. to treat a topic slightly or in passing: with on or upon
6. to stop briefly or land (at a port, etc.) during a voyage
7. Geom. to be tangent
1. a touching or being touched; specif.,
a) a light tap, stroke, etc.
b) a delicate stroke made with a brush in painting, etc.
2. the sense by which physical objects are felt; tactile sense
3. a sensation caused by touching, esp. one that is characteristic of a particular substance or texture; tactile quality; feel
4. a mental capacity analogous to the sense of touch; mental or moral sensitivity [she has a nice touch with difficult people]
5. a special or characteristic quality, skill, or manner [he lost his touch]
6. an effect of being touched; specif.,
a) a mark, impression, etc. left by touching
b) a subtle change or addition in a painting, story, or other work
7. a very small amount, degree, etc.; specif.,
a) a trace, tinge, etc. [a touch of humor]
b) a slight attack [a touch of the flu]
8. contact or communication [to lose touch with reality, to keep in touch with friends]
9. Slang
a) the act of asking for, or getting in this way, a loan or gift of money [to make a touch]
b) money so gotten
c) a person with reference to the ease with which money can be so gotten from him
10. Music
a) the manner in which a performer strikes the keys of a keyboard instrument [a delicate touch]
b) the manner in which the action of a piano, etc. responds to the fingers [a piano with a heavy touch]
c) in bell ringing, a set of changes less than a peal
11. Rugby Soccer the part of the field outside the sidelines
touch down
to land: said of an aircraft or spacecraft
touch off
1. to represent accurately or aptly
2. to make explode or detonate; fire
3. to initiate (esp. a violent action or reaction); set off
touch up
1. to stimulate or rouse, as by a tap or light blow
2. to improve or finish (a painting, literary work, etc.) by minor changes or additions
3. to iron, or press, lightly

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